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How to Promote a Vacation Rental to Travel Clients

December 8, 2021

How to Promote a Vacation Rental to Travel Clients

December 8, 2021

Running a vacation rental can be a great real estate investment that lets you have a little fun with your money. One of the hardest parts of successfully running a vacation rental is making sure that your property gets the promotional attention it needs to be successful. A lot of that comes from making sure that you are doing the work to create a unique space that is appealing to travelers. You also want to get the information out there so people can find it. 

Use Digital Marketing Tools 

Digital marketing can make your life so much easier and allow you to reach a broad audience, especially if you do it well. There are more digital marketing tools available now than ever before, and you should take advantage of them however you can. IF you aren’t super comfortable with marketing your property yourself, you can reach out to a marketing company that has the skill and expertise to market your property in the best possible way. Over time you can learn more skills and become more confident in your ability to market your property online with the tools you have available. 

Upload High-Quality Images 

No matter how beautiful your vacation rental is in person, it won’t matter if it doesn’t translate well to photos. You want to make sure that every photo of your property is beautiful and clear. To make this happen, you may even want to make sure to hire a photographer who can take professional shots that look great and present your property in the best light. If you decide against a professional photographer, you should at least make sure that you take photos at a high resolution and take the time to stage your property so it looks beautiful and speaks to the great vacation your guests will have. 

Hire a Professional Decorator 

Speaking of staging, you may want to go all out and have your property decorated professionally. This can help to set your property apart from the thousands of others that your guests can choose from. Great decoration will also make your property more comfortable and usable when your guests arrive. Taking care of design may seem like a simple task but it is complex and difficult. An expert will be able to tackle your project quickly and make sure that it looks great for pictures and when your guests show up for their stay. 

Highlight the Best Features 

Every property has benefits and pitfalls, and it is important that you highlight them both and show them in the best possible light. Figuring out which features are best about your property, and giving them the attention that they deserve, can help you to bring in new renters and really show off the benefits of your property. Investing in a full kitchen, a deck, and other great features can help to make your vacation property into an even better and more profitable space. There are many ways to enjoy a vacation with all the features that come with a deck. And you want to highlight those things to your potential guests in a clear and welcoming way. 

Create a Virtual Tour 

People like to know what they are getting before they put the money down for it. This can be a real challenge when you are looking to rent out a property to people from out of town. One thing you can do to help combat this problem is to make sure that you are giving your potential guests the best possible view of the space. A virtual tour can walk them through the amenities you offer and the beauty of the space you have put together. The more informative and useful the tour is, the more effectively it will work as a marketing tool for your vacation property

Get on Social Media 

One advantage to having a vacation rental right now is that you can use social media to do some of your marketing for you. Create a presence on at least one social media platform so you can reach a large audience and start making connections with others in your area and potential customers. You can do all kinds of things with your social media to make sure that you are bringing people to your property. Try to engage with your audience through giveaways and frequent posting so you can continually grow your follower count and gain more from your followers. 

Have Fun with Your Description

People like to read the descriptions of the properties they rent for vacations but if they are boring and uninspiring you might lose a potential client. Instead of simply sticking to the exact details, incorporate those details into a story about the property you are renting. A narrative can be an incredibly effective tool to help your readers engage with your property and decide they want to rent it. It doesn’t need to be anything big or exciting. Instead, you just want to paint your property in the best light so your clients can see the benefits it brings. 

Choose Your Rates Well 

You need to be careful when you are choosing rates for your property. It is all about finding the balance between what is fair and what you and your clients can both be happy with. This means making things affordable without making it impossible to make a profit. Look at what similar properties rent for in your area and use that as a starting point for setting your own prices. And make sure to calculate costs for extra guests or pets on your property. All of these elements will help you to bring in the guests you need. 

Your vacation rental has what it needs to be a success, you just need to let people know about it. Take time to develop a marketing strategy that works for you and for the property you are renting out. Then you can host guests and enjoy the fruits of the work you do to make their vacations great.

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