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Finishing Touches that Make Your Home Perfect

October 21, 2021

Finishing Touches that Make Your Home Perfect

October 21, 2021

If you have decided to join the fray and begin doing some home improvement projects, you’re in good company. Homeowners began approximately 115 million home improvement projects from 2017-2019, and that number has only increased coming out of the global pandemic.

But putting together and adding those finishing touches that make your home perfect can sometimes be an elusive task. Where should you look, and what will truly give you that polished look and feel?

Water Softener

Adding a water softener may not be something you initially think of when looking to put the finishing touches on your home, but it is well worth considering.

Many people are familiar with the difference between hard water and soft. Most homes have hard water by default, so if homeowners desire their water to be mineral free they usually need to add an after-market water softener (or choose an upgrade option in a new build).

Soft water is popular because it doesn’t produce the calcium and other mineral buildup that hard water does, leading to more effective cleaning sessions and less soap used. It can also be great for your hair and skin when washing.

Installing a water softener can save you money because you’ll need to use less soap, shampoo, and detergent. It may also help save money when it comes to appliance repair: hard water builds up in and corrodes water heaters and pipes. In fact, it’s estimated that 20 cents of every dollar spent on cleaning supplies goes towards combating the effects of hard water.

Mood Lighting

Mood lighting is a big factor when it comes to making your home a cozy, welcoming environment. You wouldn’t, for example, want the same bright lighting in the den or family room that you may want in a kitchen.

Think of mood lighting as a primary way to create the atmosphere you want for each room in your home. It may help to think of lighting as a decoration. Proper lighting can soften the room decor and make your other design touches “pop” more.

Floor and table lamps are great options, but feel free to get creative and also consider ceiling fixtures such as chandeliers for the dining room or wall sconces for the bathroom or hallway. Under-cabinet lights are also a great touch for any kitchen, since they create an illusion of space and plus, who can’t use the extra light when cooking?

Extra Storage

If you have a home that’s a little short on storage, this may be an area you want to think about. Older homes especially are often lacking in our modern storage space needs. Lack of storage can lead to a cluttered look all around your home, whether it be extra pieces of furniture to supplement small closets or an extra china cabinet to hold all those nice serving dishes.

Dining rooms can be an ideal place for adding extra storage space in a neat, chic way. Dining rooms don’t often have much furniture other than, well, the dining room set. Why not try using some of the wall space?

Try adding cabinets for extra space to store those kitchenwares. Dining room cabinets are a great place to store dishes, tablecloths, and other things that don’t have a natural place in your kitchen.


Not all furniture works in all spaces. As you move, renovate, or otherwise change spaces and decor, the function of your furniture will change as will what’s in style.

The downside of replacing furniture is that it can often be a bit expensive. But the upside is that replacing furniture isn’t something you need to do very often, because when you invest in the right furniture pieces they can be very versatile. You can, for example, switch furniture between rooms for a fresh look, or try covering older chairs or couches to add a “new” feeling to the room and some new colors.

How you arrange your furniture is a big deal as well. Furniture can be used to section off spaces in an open-concept floor plan, or to even create a “room” within a room. Proper furniture arrangements can create a welcoming feel, or a more cozy and intimate environment.


If you haven’t yet tried adding houseplants into your interior (and exterior!) decor, you’re missing out. Houseplants are one of the easiest ways to upgrade your space both inside and out. Live plants don’t just look good; in addition to being part of your decor, houseplants can purify the air in your home and make it look more lively and welcoming. Nothing says you have it together more than a healthy, thriving plant inside and outside your home.

Inside plants can be put into corners or onto shelves for added pops of color (and don’t forget to take advantage of the opportunity and buy some cute planters). Outside, try planting a flowerbed or even lining your driveway with flowering plants. And it may be a bit of a long-term proposition, but planting trees can (eventually) provide shade and make your outdoor space more inviting.


Wallspace decor will go with your lighting in terms of helping to create a specific mood for each room, and your home overall. It’s no secret that certain colors evoke certain emotions. In general, warm colors (red, yellow, orange) can inspire warmth and comfort whereas cool colors (greens and blues) can evoke a calm atmosphere.

Curating your wall colors will need to be paired with wall decor appropriate for the space. Adding mirrors, for example, can greatly improve a smaller space by giving the illusion of both space and light, although larger spaces will benefit too.

Putting the finishing touches on your home is always a challenge, and in some respects, you may never quite feel “done.” But you can certainly achieve your desired levels of comfort for each space, and for each room. Depending on your upgrades, it doesn’t even need to be a very expensive or involved process!

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