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Hacks for the Best Heating and Air Conditioning

September 8, 2019

Hacks for the Best Heating and Air Conditioning

September 8, 2019

Getting and maintaining high-quality heating and air conditioning in Dubuque and Waterloo, Iowa requires that you fully understand a few simple techniques. The tips below are designed to help enhance the quality of your HVAC unit, improve your air safety, and save you a lot of money not only on installation, but on running your HVAC unit over the years.

Keep Your Filters in Good Shape

The air filters on your HVAC system provide a multitude of benefits that make them critical for your home. First of all, they help to catch dirt, fungus, mold, and other issues and remove them from the HVAC unit. This benefit helps to keep the motor and other areas from getting dirty. As this dirt builds up on your engine, it may wear it down and cause your unit to fail. Therefore, cleaning air filters is critical for your unit’s maintenance.

Your air filters also help to make your airflow more efficient in a variety of ways. Without dirt and mold affecting the channels and ducts of your unit, the air will flow more easily. But when your filters get dirty, the airflow will be affected and may struggle to achieve efficient management of your temperature needs. Thankfully, you can either clean or replace the air filters in your machine to make sure that they don’t break down or experience other issues.

Just as importantly, you need to make sure that you also check the air filters throughout areas like your air ducts to ensure that they work effectively. These filters typically catch dangerous particles, such as mold and dirt, and keep them from affecting you and your family. Clean or replace them regularly – monthly inspections are probably a wise choice – to ensure that you get the best air quality and heating and air conditioning efficiency possible for your home.

Manage Your Drafts

Heating and air conditioning efficiency are often profoundly affected by problems such as excessive air loss around the windows and door frames of your home. For example, broken or cracked seals on the chassis will let air move more freely between these areas, which can lead to lower efficiency. Even worse, this damage can quickly spread and become more persistent, which will make your house suffer from even more problems, like issues with pests and more.

As a result, you need to hire a professional window and door maintenance and repair expert to check these frames to see if they have any problems. These individuals can check not only the seals, but also install high-efficiency replacement options. These replacements will help to protect your home by trapping more hot and cold air in your house, when you need it, and ensuring that your air conditioner and the heater run more effectively as a result.

However, if you don’t want to spend that much money on this process, you can probably do some of it on your own. Simply buy some widow sealant and add bursts of it along the edges of your window and door frames. Pay special attention to areas where you may see cracks and spread the sealant inside these areas. Make sure that the surface of the sealant is spread evenly across the frames as well to ensure that it doesn’t catch on anything and pop off by mistake.

Consider Adjusting Your Temperature

Although an HVAC system gives you unprecedented control over your temperature levels, that doesn’t mean that you need to abuse its power. For example, you may want to adjust your temperatures more often to ensure better efficiency. These steps include either changing the temperatures to less extreme levels or turning the unit off entirely. There are a few ways that you can utilize these steps to achieve excellent results in your home.

Some homeowners utilize programmable thermostats to get the best results. These thermostats let you set temperatures to different levels at specific times of the day. You can also achieve this effect manually by switching off your HVAC system when you’re not at home. If your house is adequately insulated, it will keep enough heat out to avoid problems and will be comfortable enough when you return before you turn your unit back on.

If you don’t have a programmable thermostat or like having manual control, try setting your temperatures a little less exceptionally even when you’re at home. Even a decrease or increase of five degrees Fahrenheit can improve your efficiency and energy use almost exponentially. These benefits occur both for heating and air conditioning situations, which makes this an excellent choice for you if your home doesn’t have the efficiency that you’d like it to possess.

Add Attic Ventilation Options

Lastly, you need to make sure that heat loss and gain through your attic is minimized as much as possible to improve your system’s efficiency in many ways. One of the best ways to manage this situation is to add vents to your home and to make sure that they are appropriately balanced and utilized. These items are unique because they don’t cost much to maintain – beyond basic repair needs – and can provide a surprising array of advantages.

Attic vents are items that every home should have because they help control temperature in a variety of ways. These vents come in a variety of different styles, including easy-to-open vents, those that stay in one position, and much more. Try to find vents that support your heating and air conditioning needs and talk to a professional about their benefits to ensure that you get the best results from them that you can buy. And make sure to properly adjust them to get great results, too.

For example, you should make sure that your attic vents are not only spread reasonably throughout your home, but are also clean and protected from various types of debris. Try to keep your vents open to let out excessive heat during the warm seasons and close them to keep heat indoors. Make sure that you also correctly insulate your attic because this can help further prevent temperature problems while also preventing common home issues, like ice dams, from developing.

Get the Help That You Need

So if you want your Iowa City or Coralville, Iowa heating and air conditioning to be of the highest possible quality, please don’t hesitate to contact us at All Seasons Heating & Cooling right away to learn more. Our experts have years of experience working in this field and will provide you with high-quality home cooling and heating help that you need to keep your home secure.

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