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Heating and Air Conditioning Tips for Your Home

November 14, 2020

Heating and Air Conditioning Tips for Your Home

November 14, 2020

You’ve installed the best heating and air conditioning Dubuque, Iowa has to offer and want to make sure that you get the most out of these units. This thought is very understandable but can be a challenge to accomplish if you aren’t careful with your care for your system. As a result, it is critical to consider the following tips for your HVAC. Doing so can help to save you a lot of time and money and ensure that your system runs smoothly and efficiently for your needs and that of your home. 

Regularly Vacuum Your Units 

Did you know that your heating and air conditioning units can suffer from a large amount of dirt and debris? This fact often escapes many people’s notice because they are more concerned about other factors, such as the Freon in their unit and any freezing or overheating it may experience. As a result, they may not know that they have let a lot of dust and dirt build-up inside of their HVAC system until it is too late, and the unit breaks down. 

Thankfully, it is relatively easy to clean out these units with a high-quality vacuum. All you usually need is a soft-bristle brush at the end of a cleaning hose. Open up the unit and use this hose to remove any dirt or debris that you may notice. Pay special attention to various areas of the unit that may be easy to miss, such as the fins. These must be adequately cleaned, or else they may cause the unit to freeze up as it runs, an issue you don’t want to have happen to you. 

Don’t Neglect Programmable Thermostats 

These days, it is hard for most heating and air conditioning systems to operate efficiently without a programmable thermostat. These tools are vital because they can help to keep the temperatures in your home at the level that makes sense for the situation. For example, you probably don’t need a lot of cooling for when you aren’t home and instead at work. And your thermostat can keep the house at a reasonable level then and at a relaxed state when you get back. 

These units offer more than just different heating and cooling situations, though. That’s because they can increase your efficiency in a myriad of unique ways. For example, decreasing your heating and cooling needs for when you aren’t at home automatically saves you money by increasing your HVAC efficiency. In this way, it is possible to make your home comfortable on a budget and without spending more money than necessary at the same time. 

Consider a Flow Booster 

Does one of your rooms or an area of your house stay hotter or colder than the rest of your home? This situation can be very frustrating because it’s sometimes impossible to know what is causing it. Often, there’s a good chance that you just aren’t taking good care of the flow of your air. Typically, this occurs if your vents are situated correctly or if you have no installed a flow booster to help keep air moving accurately throughout your home at all times. 

These flow boosters can be easily installed into most vents and help move a large volume of cold or warm air without difficulty. They are small electric fans that only cook on when your system runs. And while they may add a little extra electrical cost to your cooling needs, that price is more than worth it because you’ll increase your efficiency and keep your home at a more even temperature, providing you and your loved ones with the comfort that you deserve. 

Decrease Excessive Noise 

Some heating and air conditioning units may run a little loud for some people’s tastes. This issue is one that can vary depending on a person’s situation and their tolerance for noise. In most cases, your unit should run relatively quietly and have minimal excessive sound. However, there are times when an air conditioner may run a little louder than you want. You’re more likely to experience this issue when you run a heater, though, which is typical depending on the situation and your heater’s needs. 

However, these systems can get old and run down over time and may need to be blanketed or supported to avoid such excessive noise. For example, you may need to add a sound blanket on the unit to keep the noise as minimal as possible. You may also want to change the fan if this is the issue – there’s a good chance that the fan may be worn down and suffering from some problems. If the noise gets too loud, though, you may need to replace your unit because there’s a good chance it may be just about to fail on you. So reach out to a professional HVAC system maintenance expert to learn more.

Prevent Nasty Condensation 

Condensation is not an uncommon problem with many heating and air conditioning units. That’s because they often utilize a large number of different fluids that can build-up on the surface of a system without specialized help. Typically, this problem gets worse if you let the condensate drain tube gets clogged up. This tube is designed to get rid of excessive condensation in your system by running it outside. Unfortunately, slime and other build-ups may occur in these tubes that need to be appropriately managed as soon as possible. 

Start by opening your unit and finding the tube – it should be quite easy to spot, as it is one of the few tubes in your unit. Use a paper towel on a small stick to push out any slime in the system. Be careful handling this material because it may have bacteria and other infectious materials in it. We suggest wearing a pair of suitable rubber gloves to avoid this problem. And you need to spray a disinfectant in the tube, as well, and carefully scrub the sides in an even manner to produce a safe and slime-free system that helps your air conditioner run smoothly. 

Talk to Us Today 

Of all the heating and air conditioning Dubuque, Iowa tips, none are better than contacting us today at All Seasons Heating & Cooling to learn more. Our experts have years of experience with these types of units and will do what they can to help you get the best results for your home. Just as importantly, they understand not only how to maintain your units but different ways to install them if yours runs down, giving you the cooling and heating air that you need during the appropriate season. 

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